In today’s multi-use facilities, a strong bleacher with minimal set up time and increased flexibility of use is a must. Fast and convenient turnaround from seating area to total floor use is essential.

Telescoping Bleachers

The highest quality products and technical support for your gymnasium facility, arena or auditorium.

We use only the best telescoping bleachers in the industry, Kodiak Seating by Royal Stewart Ltd. They use high gauge steel for its understructure and Posi-Drive system for its power unit, making it a superior bleacher system. We recommend Kodiak Seating for all telescopic bleacher applications.

We will work hand in hand with you from the earliest stages of the design process, through to production in our cutting-edge manufacturing facility, installation by factory certified installers, and well beyond project completion to ensure complete satisfaction and spectator safety.

Our Recent Installations

Bleacher Inspections
Transportable Bleachers

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